North Coast Egypt Resorts

The North Coast of Egypt is the Egyptian Mediterranean Coast. It is an area in northern Egypt extending over 500Km from Alexandria in the east to Salloum in the far west of Egypt on the Libyan border. The North Coast is considered to be one of the longest coasts overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in North Africa.

The most important city on the North Coast is Alexandria, it is considered to be the center for trade exchange and maritime transport between Egypt and its neighbors from the Mediterranean Countries, and between Alexandria and the rest of the Egyptian cities. Alexandria is located in the middle of the Egyptian coastal strip on the Mediterranean Sea, as Alexander the Great chose it; it was the hub for maritime travel between the Mediterranean and the Nile Delta more than 2,300 years ago.

The Beaches of the North Coast of Egypt are characterized by golden sands, and blue waters, the North Coast enjoys an excellent location in addition to the charming atmosphere that made it the first tourist destination for the elite of society, and for many groups looking for privacy and luxury.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

Map of the Egyptian North Coast

The map of the villages of the North Coast of Egypt is the point of attracting visitors from all countries, as it is located on the road that passes through many tourist villages and resorts that vary according to designs, spaces, prices, and services provided, to which visitors come from all sides.

The North Coast extends from Al-Agami to Marsa-Matrouh, close to Cairo and Alexandria, as well as from Cairo International Airport, Borg Al-Arab International Airport, and El-Alamein International Airport. The North Coast is also one of the longest coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, because of its approximately 1,050 Km along the Mediterranean Sea.

The North Coast is one of the vital areas; it is a plain area, in which there are many green weeds and trees, as you can see in the Salloum Plateau, which is located at an altitude of 400 meters and the weather is wonderful during the summer, where everyone seeks to go there for an enjoyable, unique, and quiet vacation.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

The Egyptian North Coast is divided into 4 sub-regions

  • Northeast Coast

This region is characterized by high political and economic importance and extends from Port Said in the west of Rafah in the east, which is the area opposite the island of Cyprus and southern Turkey, where there are Lake Manzala, and Lake Bardawil, as well as cities such as:

– Port Said; one of the most important Egyptian cities, it is the northern entrance to the Suez Canal, and it is the main port in eastern Egypt. It is a city located on the continents of Asia and Africa.

– Al-Arish; is the largest city in the Sinai Peninsula, located in the Asian part of Egypt.

– Rafah; a border city on the eastern border with the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

  • North Delta Coast

It is the region with the highest population density among the coastal regions. It is characterized by the fertility of the agricultural soil as a result of the Nile Delta in which it is located. There are 3 of the Great Lakes in Egypt (Burullus, Edko, and Mariout); in which many major cities are located, such as:

  • Rashid; a historical Egyptian city, where the Nile branch meets its mouth in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Gamasa; one of the local resorts in Egypt.
  • Baltim; an Egyptian town.
  • Ras El-Bar; a local tourist city where the Damietta branch meets the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Damietta; one of the most important Egyptian cities and has an important seaport.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

  • Central North Coast

This region is characterized by high economic importance; it is the region extending from Alexandria in the east to Al-Alamin in the west and offset by western Turkey on the other side of the Mediterranean.

This region contains many important cities such as:

  • Alexandria; The Bride of the Mediterranean, is the second capital of Egypt, which is the main port of Egypt since it was built by Alexander the Great.
  • Marina; is one of the most important tourist resorts in Egypt, and it has many Roman ruins.
  • Al-Alamin.
  • Sidi Kerir.
  • Borg Al-Arab; one of the most important industrial cities in Egypt.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

  • North West Coast

It extends from the city of Al-Alamin in the east to the Egyptian-Libyan border in the west, it is the highest in elevation above the sea level, it is the highest areas of rain and snow, and it is the area facing the coast of Greece and the island of Crete on the other side of the Mediterranean.

There are many cities such as:

  • Marsa Matrouh; the main port in western Egypt.
  • Salloum; a border city between Egypt and Libya.
  • Al-Dabaa; contain various educational facilities, there is a railway passes through it, and it is 2 Km from the international road.

–     Sidi Abdel Rahman; a small village belonging to the city of Al-Alamin, is famous for its unique beach, it is considered a resting point for travelers from Alexandria to Siwa Oasis, and to Matrouh.

The North Coast is considered to be the first destination for Egyptians in the summer, where the wonderful climate, and the warm waters. The tourist villages and resorts abound on the North Coast and vary in their designs, spaces, and services. Among the most famous tourist villages on the North Coast is Marakia, which was the first destination in the eighties of the last century.

Here is a detailed map of the North Coast for travel from Cairo to the North Coast:

In the past, you had to go from Al-Alamin road to reach Marina 1 at Km 90, and then take the Alexandria / Matrouh coastal road, a journey that takes approximately 3 and half hours. The old coastal road used to extend for about 240 Km from Cairo to the entrance to Al-Alamin via the Cairo/Alexandria desert road.

But with the new Fouka Road, which connected the new northern coast with the city of Cairo, the journey to the northern coast of Egypt will not take more than an hour and a half.

The new Fouka Road extends for about 140 Km from Juhayna Square on 6th of October city in Cairo to the new North Coast directly.

Fouka Road has 4 exits; the first one at Km 130, the second one at Km 170, and the third one on Matrouh.

The new Fouka Road is equipped with many services, the travelers can enjoy the road back and forth within a short period without fatigue and hardship, and now you can travel during short holidays, go and return on the same day with ease.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

Guide to the villages of the North Coast of Egypt

On the North Coast of Egypt, there are many tourist villages that are characterized by green spaces, soft sand, charming beaches, and clear water. The housing options in it vary between apartments, chalets, villas, at different prices to suit everyone.

The North Coast area has many distinguished and famous restaurants, as well as many interesting places. On Alexandria/Matrouh Desert Road, there are many tourist villages such as:

  • Golden Beach Village, located at km 25.
  • Dream Village, located at km 93.
  • Marina Village, located from km 94 to km 111 in Al-Alamin area, and has 7 gates.
  • Porto Marina North Coast, located at km 105.
  • Golf Porto Marina, located at km 110 in front of Marina gate number 7.
  • Bo Island Village, located at km 120.
  • Hacienda Bay, located at km 124.
  • Stella Village, located at km 124, in Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • Marassi Village, located at km 129, Al-Alamin Road – Sidi Kerir.
  • Telal Village, located at km 129.
  • Bianchi Sidi Abdel Rahman, located at km 134.
  • Amwaj Village, located at km 135.
  • La Vista Village, at km 170.
  • Swani Village, Sidi Abdel Rahman, at km 179.
  • La Mora Beach Village, at km 180.
  • Sidra Village, at km 36.
  • Amoun Resort, at km 36.5
  • El-Fayrouz Village North Coast, Sidi Kerir, at km 37.
  • El-Shorouk Village, at km 40.
  • Ramses Village, at km 45.
  • Casablanca Resort Village, at km 46.
  • Marakia Village, at km 51.
  • Diplo Village, at km 52.
  • Zomoroda Village, at km 53.
  • Hiedi Resort, at km 58.5.
  • Tiba Rose Village – Air Defense House, located at km 60.
  • Virginia Resort located at km 62.
  • Nice Village, located at km 63.
  • Marbella Resort, located at km 67.
  • Palm Beach Resort, located at km 68.
  • Marseille Village, located at km 69.
  • Al-Karawan Resort located at km 69.
  • Casabianca Resort located at km 70.
  • Al-Rawda Village, located at km 71.
  • Marseilia Beach, located at km 71.
  • Cairo University Village, located at km 73.
  • White Sand Village, located at km 75.
  • Green Village, located at km 75.
  • Dimora North Coast, located at km 75.
  • Aida Village, located at km 77.
  • Remas Village, located at km 78.
  • Montazah North Coast Village, located at km 79.5.
  • Badr Village, located at km 82.5.
  • Cleopatra Village, located at km 86.
  • Green Beach Village, located at km 89.
  • Sumed Resort located at km 89.5.
  • Lotus Village, located at km 91.
  • Coral Hills Village, located at km 183, El-Dabaa Department.
  • Gaia Village, located at km 188.
  • Jefaira Village, located at km 191.5.
  • Mina 5 Resort, located at km 201, Ras Al-Hikma Gulf.
  • Blues Tiffany Resort, located at km 204.
  • Jumeirah Bay, located at km 214, Ras Al-Hikma Bay.
  • La Sirena Resort located at km 306.

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North Coast Egypt Resorts

The advantages of the resorts and villages of the North Coast

Most of the villages have many indispensable services such as many well-equipped medical centers, ambulance centers, and pharmacies.

The North Coast villages are characterized by their unique paved beaches; it is easy and enjoyable to swim in it, in addition to the crystal clear blue seawater.

The villages of the North Coast include a variety of luxurious residential units of chalets, cabins, villas, penthouses, and twin houses, all of the different sizes, and with super lux finishes.

The presence of many commercial services such as many malls, luxury shops, social and sports clubs.

There are many recreational areas such as much water activity, Aqua Park, and many other recreational areas such as Jacuzzi, gym, and spa.

One of the most important features of the villages of the North Coast is the presence of a large marina for yachts, such as the marina in Marina Village, where this is considered to be one of the largest yacht marinas.

The villages there have all types of safety, security, and protection in the recreational areas for children, and the rest of the village, In addition to the presence of many high experience security personnel to guard the villages.

There are also many covered swimming pools for more privacy for women.

Inside the villages of the North Coast, there are many cafes, luxury restaurants, and distinguished tourist hotels.

The village and resorts in the North Coast are characterized by the presence of many vast green spaces that are in harmony with the charming beauty of nature, and the wonderful atmosphere of the new North Coast areas.

In some villages, there are additional features such as huge crystal lagoons, and landscapes.

Some villages in the North Coast of Egypt have many schools, international schools, and universities to provide educational services to those who live on the North Coast throughout the year. Thus, the villages of the North Coast have become the ideal housing that everyone dreams of after it was just a summer destination.

Despite all these services and advantages in the villages of the North Coast, the prices of units in those villages are very suitable for all those looking for summer units, and high-end housing.

One of the advantages of the new North Coast villages is that you can buy your summer unit with the lowest down payment and in installments with payment and repayment facilities.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

The Old North Coast

The old North Coast is the original coast that extends from km 21 at Al-Agmy area to km 103 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, it is the first area in which the first tourist village was established, the old North Coast area is divided into two areas, namely Marina, and Marakia.

The most important features of the old North Coast region are that it is very close to Cairo Governorate, as it is only one hour and a half away from the city of Cairo, and it is also very close to Alexandria Governorate, as it is only half an hour away from the city of Alexandria, in addition to the close to the city of Burj Al-Arab, and Burj Al-Arab International Airport, and many other areas where services are available.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

The New North Coast

The new North Coast extends from km 103 to the city of Marsa Matrouh; it was named after the New North Coast because it has recently become one of the important tourist, and investment destinations that attracted many investors to set up many tourist villages, resorts, and hotels there.

The new North Coast region is divided into two regions, Sidi Abdel-Rahman, and Ras El-Hekma Bay, and these two areas have proximity to many important, and large archaeological sites and services.

The new North Coast is characterized by its proximity to the city of Marsa Matrouh, where you can enjoy watching many of the archaeological areas in the city, such as museums, and ancient Egyptian monuments.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

The Difference between the New North Coast and the Old North Coast

The North West Coast region of Egypt is divided into two parts, the old North Coast, which extends from Km 21 to Marina Village, and the new North Coast.

One of the disadvantages of the old North Coast is that its beaches are unsafe for swimming and unpaved; this is in contrast to the beaches of the new North Coast, which are characterized by its calm waves, clear seawater, which is suitable for swimming in complete safety, and the beautiful soft white sands of the beaches.

The only drawback of the North Coast was its distance from Cairo and Alexandria, but now that the Armed Forces established the new Fouka Road, the new North Coast area is very close to Cairo Governorate.

The new North Coast is characterized by that most of its beaches are bays, and there are no waves because the bays act as a natural break for the waves.

The seawater in the new North Coast is very pure, and the tourist villages established there are designed according to the latest modern international designs, and all kinds of services are present within them.

North Coast Egypt Resorts

The new Fouka Road

The new Fouka Road is a road was established by the armed forces, making the distance between Cairo and the new northern coast reach 141 Km after the old road was 241 Km long.

The traveler who was heading to the new North Coast had to go towards Al-Alamin road and then head towards the Alexandria/Matrouh coastal road, in a journey that takes about three and a half hours.

But after the establishment of the new Fouka Road, the traveler can take the first exit of Fouka Road at Juhayna Square at October City to head directly towards the new North Coast, in a journey that takes only about an hour and a half.

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