Bo Islands North Coast

Bo Islands project has brought back to the wonderful area of the North Coast of Egypt the beauty and charm of the picturesque nature; where the distinctive islands mimic the famous charming areas such as the Maldives and others, and the crystal lagoons that surround all the residential units in the village.

The project’s owner company is Maxim it is a leading real estate developer in the Egyptian real estate investment market, which has been distinguished by providing unparalleled world-class projects.

So Maxim Company was keen to divide the village into about 12 % construction of the village’s total area, and the rest of the project’s land was designed based on the recreational areas, vast green spaces, and amazing artificial lakes.

They paid special attention to providing integrated services in order to provide maximum comfort to residents and customers to enjoy an ambiance free of disturbs, on the distinctive bohemian style that is not unfamiliar to them, where comfort and complete calm are presented.

It is worth noting that Bo Islands prices are the best in the well-known North Coast region, as this region is known for its sophistication and beauty.

Bo Islands offers Unparalleled prices in the North Coast area compared to the services it provides, as it always provides the best terms of easy payment system that suit all customers.

Bo Islands North Coast

The Location of Bo Island North Coast

The name of the Bo Island Village is inspired by the Bohemian character of unconventional bold colors and life on the natural islands.

As for the village’s location, it is as follows:

  • Bo Islands North Coast village is located on 120 km Alexandria / Matrouh Road, directly on the sea. Where the wonderful climate and beautiful scenery.
  • In Sidi Abd El-Rahman, one of the most exclusive and upscale villages on the North Coast.
  • It is only 15 Km from Marina village.
  • The distance between Bo Islands resort and the city of Cairo does not exceed 2 hours.
  • The location of the resort is characterized by a wonderful sandy beach to enjoy the most beautiful sea in the coast, next to the village of Hacienda North Coast, Bo sands Village, and Marassi Village.
  • The depth of the village is approximately 1200 meters, and its beach is about 800 meters wide.
  • One of the most important features of the site is that the road is free of rocks, so you can move in and out of the village easily.
  • So the resort’s location is thus suitable for living in luxury all the time.

Bo Islands North Coast

Bo Island’s Features and Services

Maxim Company provides many integrated and entertainment services that the residents and customers may need to live a distinguished life in an unfamiliar bohemian style, so one of the most important goals of Maxim Company is to provide distinguished services and facilities for its valued customers, in order to ensure their comfort.

Bo Islands North Coast

The services are as follows

  • The village has been provided with many world-class hotels with distinguished services of 5 stars and 4 stars, including many rooms available to accommodate all individuals.
  • The company has specially established an electric tram, to help the customers in transporting within the village, also helps purify the air to maintain the health of customers. This service is the first of its kind on the North Coast, as service that transport its residents using electric trams to and from the seashore, or any other place within the resort with ease.
  • The village is equipped with the latest environmentally friendly systems; such as the existence of an energy system powered by solar energy that is economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Creative sandy beach with all the recreational services to enjoy exciting water games.
  • Swimming pools were distributed throughout the project, which are suitable for adults and children, as a swimming pool was provide in front of each chalet in the resort. As well as providing a swimming pools for women in order to provide them with maximum comfort.
  • Special swimming pools and beaches for children, as well as special parks to ensure their safety.
  • There is a landscape in large areas that help create clean air and a wonderful view of the residential units within the project, vast green spaces for strolling and enjoying the picturesque nature, with seating, walking, and other areas are designed for cycling. Plus there is a large group of different trees and flowerbeds that give an aesthetic shape to the resort.
  • Crystal Lagoons and Artificial Lakes of contrasting colors are spread within the project to add an artistic touch to the village. Throughout the village, you can enjoy a wonderful and distinctive view of the clear waters overlooked by all the residential units.
  • There are a chain of huge international restaurants and cafes, and a hypermarket well-equipped with the best systems and services, that offer the most luxurious and delicious food and various drinks.
  • There is a large commercial area, containing international malls, including the wonderful The Strip Mall, which is unparalleled in the North Coast and the Middle East. As well as a group of large stores, in addition to luxury shops, as this area is very suitable for shopping enthusiasts.
  • An integrated Medical Center, a Health Center with Spa and Sauna.
  • There is a Health Club equipped with the latest equipment, and a large Gym is available for practicing all kind of sports.
  • The village resort has Club House, and Cabanas.
  • Cultural, Social, and Recreational Centers. And an open market for exhibitions and Bazaars.
  • A large entertainment area has been established, where you can party inside.
  • Children area to enjoy their time under safe system.
  • A large Aqua Park located on the beach for more fun.
  • A large Parking space.
  • Security and Guarding system within 24 hours for the safety of the residents and visitors.
  • An International University that provide high quality and unique education, in cooperation with the largest Universities in Singapore, which have been distinguished by their universities being among the first to be ranked by the quality of their education.

Bo Islands North Coast

Bo Islands Project’s Space

Maxim Company owns more than 1,700 acres in the famous Bou Sidi Abd El-Rahman, which has the most beautiful picturesque tourist villages, Bou Island Sidi Abd El-Rhman village, and Bosands North Coast village.

The resort is built on a huge area of 600 acres, and the project is characterized as the most beautiful village on the North Coast.

As the depth of the place reaches 1200 meters and the width of the beach there are 800 meters, the company has taken care of implementing a variety of units between villas, and chalets with large and small spaces, as well as leaving large areas for the establishment of services on them and the work of the landscape on the vast area to give luster to the resort.

The Company was keen on continuous development through cooperation with the largest investment companies, and it also cooperated with Crystal Lagoons Company to establish the largest crystal lagoons in North Africa to provide attractive and delightful views that make you feel completely happy when looking at them.

Bo Islands North Coast

Bo Islands North Coast Project Designs

A group of the best and latest international designs that match the best designs of resorts and tourist villages in the world were selected, as the company took into account the comfort of customers during the design work, taking into account that the designs are suitable for all tastes, a group of the best engineers were selected to design the project.

A group of separate housing units has been made within the Bo Islands North Coast project, including twin houses and chalets, in addition to the presence of townhouses and a number of villas.

The presence of units of different sizes has been taken into account so that customers can choose among them easily according to the capabilities available to them and the number of individuals per family.

The engineers designed a group of various crystal lagoons lakes of cheerful colors with the work of a group of attractive views to make the village different from others.

Bo Islands North Coast

The Residential Units Spaces and Prices

The spaces of the villas and chalets in Bo Islands project stars from 133 meter up to 548 meter, with the most wonderful designs, and landscapes directly overlooking the sea.

The spaces of the units were divided differently so that the customer chooses what suits him as follows:

  • Villa 2

Total land area starts from 891 meter to 1,197 meter. The space of the villa is 548 meter.

The price starts from 14,077,744 up to 21,422,348 Egyptian Pound.

  • Villa 3

Total land area starts from 590 meter to 860 meter. The space of the villa is 408 meter.

The price stars from 9,321,002 up to 11,962,066 EGP.

  • Villa 3*3

Total land area starts from 501 meter to 587 meter. The space of the villa is 354 meter.

The price starts from 7,994,203 up to 8,960,268 EGP.

  • Villa 4

Total land area starts from 460 meter to 1,317 meter. The space of the villa is 260 meter.

The price starts from 7,315,910 up to 15,902,539 EGP.

  • Town House

Total land area starts from 241 meter to 397 meter. The space of the town house is 230 meter.

The price starts from 4,434,469 up to 7,567,565 EGP.

  • Penthouse

Total space starts from 177 meter up to 214 meter, with a roof area of 85 meter.

The price starts from 3,530,000 up to 4,049,000 EGP.

  • Chalets

Ground chalet with an area of 143 meter, consisting of three bedrooms with a private garden starting from 52 meter up to 93 meters

The price starts from 3,049,948 up to 4,768,930 EGP.

Ground chalet with an area of 134 meter, consisting of two bedrooms, with a private garden starting from 43 meter up to 110 meter

The price starts from 3,187,753 up to 4,215,867 EGP.

Bo Islands North Coast

Payment System

Maxim group provide a huge advantage and special offers with easy installment payment systems.

  • 5% down payment, 10% payment after one month, and the rest of the unit price in installments over five years.

The delivery date for the units of this phase is in September 2021.

  • 5% down payment, 10% payment after one month of contracting, and the rest of the unit price is paid in installment over five years.

This phase will be delivered in March 2022.

  • Without down payment, 5% payment after one month of contracting, and the rest of the unit price is paid in equal installments over seven years.
  • There is another payment system when you can book your unit without down payment, pay 10% after one month of contracting, and pay the rest of the unit price in equal installment up to eight years.

The delivery date of this phase is in March 2023.

Maxim Company was keen to provide payment and delivery systems for units in different years to suit all its distinguished customers, to accommodate all individuals with wonderful spaces.

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Bo Islands North Coast

Maxim Development the Owning Company

Bo Islands North Coast Resort is owned by the well-known Maxim Real Estate Company, which is known for its mastery of the projects it provides in terms of the beauty of designs and keenness to provide integrated services projects. The company has a large group of intelligent engineers that made it a well-known real estate company.

Bo Islands North Coast

Previous work of Maxim Group

  • Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski.
  • Maxim Country Club Compound New Cairo.
  • Maxim Residence Compound Shorouk City.
  • Bosandes North Coast.

So, if you want to live in a distinctive and unfamiliar atmosphere that takes you to the heart of charming nature to enjoy your summer vacation, come on and hurry up to book your residential unit and do not miss the opportunity at the charming Bo Islands Resort.

Bo Islands North Coast

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